Our story

Hell Raiser Apparel was created by an American kid who used all the chaos around & turned it to creativity. Up against all adversity interpreted pain into passion. With help from fellow comrades they managed to turn a vision into a movement. A design into jewelry, jewelry into denim. Since that point, Hell Raiser Apparel has grown into an international brand - and our journey is just beginning.

All of our apparel is made of sustainable and durable fabrics that won’t quit. Our clothing is ready to take on whatever you face.

Looking for something special? Our signature "Pigment-dyed “Heaven Sweatpants” will add a unique styling to any outfit day or night.

From poverty to corporate. If we did it you can to. “You have to go through hell to get to heaven” you know the motto.

Hell Raisers Entertainment Corp
440 Louisiana St, Houston
Tx, 77002, STE 900