The Truth Behind Kanye West's Viral 'Yeezy Cybertruck' - A Design Deception Revealed

Kanye West’s new electric vehicle has been making waves on social media platforms like TikTok and X, but there's a catch: West and his brand, Yeezy, had no involvement in the creation of the car. A viral video showcased a peculiar-looking vehicle, touted as the "Yeezy Cybertruck" going for $1.2 million, with only three models supposedly made in the US. However, this "car" is actually a conceptual vehicle known as the Lo-Res Car, designed by United Nude, a footwear brand led by creative director Rem D. Koolhaas.

Inspired by the Lamborghini Countach, the Lo-Res Car was created in 2016 and sold for over $100,000 at auction in 2021. The vehicle's unique design is based on the Lo Res Project concept, which involves progressively lowering the 3D resolution of an object to create a more abstract design. Despite its popularity on social media, the Lo-Res Car's slow speed of 50 kilometers per hour and lack of street legality are intentional design choices to maintain its experimental and radical nature.

The recent surge in interest in the Lo-Res Car was fueled by rumors of a collaboration between Tesla and Yeezy, leading to widespread speculation and confusion. However, X clarified that the vehicle is not a Tesla Cybertruck and has no association with Kanye West or Yeezy. The post on X aimed to prevent the spread of misinformation surrounding the car, emphasizing that it was a product of United Nude's innovative design concepts.

The unusual design of the Lo-Res Car has sparked mixed reactions online, with some likening it to a "glass coffin." While the mistaken identity of the "Yeezy Cybertruck" garnered attention, the true origins of the Lo-Res Car as a creative project by United Nude highlight the intersection of art, design, and automotive innovation in the digital age.