Texas' labor market is booming. Here are the 26 highest-paying jobs in the Lone Star State.

In a recent report by Business Insider, it was revealed that inflation has cooled off in April, even as consumer prices rose by 3.4% over the past year. Additionally, Texas is experiencing a booming labor market, with record-high employment figures. Let's dive into the details of the 26 highest-paying jobs in the Lone Star State.

Business Insider recently analyzed Bureau of Labor Statistics data to gain insights into the pay scale in Texas. Surprisingly, the best-paying jobs in Texas are for athletes and sports competitors, with approximately two dozen other jobs offering average salaries exceeding $175,000.

The state of Texas has been witnessing a robust labor market, as evidenced by data from March provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The state has reached a record-high number of individuals in the labor force and a record-high number of available jobs.

Since June 2023, the unemployment rate in Texas has consistently remained at 3.9%, closely aligning with or even falling below the national unemployment rate in 2024. Moreover, Texas has added over 80,000 jobs in the first three months of this year, further highlighting the strength of its job market.

With approximately 15.2 million people in the Texas labor force, Business Insider decided to explore the income opportunities available in the state. Among the top-paying jobs in Texas are architectural and engineering managers, podiatrists, ophthalmologists, and athletes, with average annual wages exceeding $175,000.

Based on the May 2023 Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics estimates released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business Insider compiled a list of the highest-paying jobs in Texas. Notably, the list did not include pediatric surgeons due to a lack of specific wage estimates.

Texas continues to shine in terms of its labor market performance, with a multitude of high-paying job opportunities available across various sectors. As the state maintains its economic momentum, individuals seeking lucrative career options may find Texas to be a promising destination.