Culinary Masterpieces: Exploring the Beauty of Chicago's Dining Scene


In a captivating partnership, OpenTable and PEOPLE magazine embarked on a quest to unveil the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants across the United States. The results of this collaborative endeavor showcase a tapestry of stunning eateries, ranging from cozy trattorias to mountaintop chalets, and urban gems that harmonize food with panoramic views.

Illinois' Jewel: Tre Dita

Nestled within the St. Regis Chicago, Tre Dita emerged as the crown jewel in Illinois, earning accolades for its Italian cuisine curated by renowned chef Evan Funke. With a picturesque dining room featuring 40-foot windows overlooking Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, this Lettuce Entertain You establishment exudes Tuscan charm and culinary excellence. Tre Dita stands as a testament to beauty, capturing the essence of fine dining in a mesmerizing setting that has even piqued the interest of acclaimed food connoisseur Phil Rosenthal.

Chicago's Culinary Mosaic

In a separate revelation preceding this recognition, OpenTable shed light on a myriad of enchanting restaurants in Chicago, celebrating the city's diverse culinary landscape without formal rankings. Among the standout mentions were Momotaro by Boka Restaurant Group, Elske led by the dynamic duo Anna and David Posey, and the ever-elegant 3 Arts Club Cafe at RH Chicago, each offering a unique gastronomic experience that resonates with patrons.

Chicago's Epicurean Haven

The vibrant dining scene of the Windy City shines brightly, boasting a multitude of fabulous restaurants that cater to various tastes and preferences. From contemporary Japanese flavors to Michelin-starred creations and chic cafe settings, Chicago's culinary tapestry continues to captivate diners and elevate the city's reputation as a gastronomic paradise.