Analyzing Kendrick Lamar's - "Not like Us" Ranked #4

In a swift response, Kendrick Lamar fires back at Drake with his latest diss track "Not Like Us," released just a day after "Meet the Grahams." Lamar accuses Drake and his team of being pedophiles in this potential club hit produced by Mustard. The cover art cleverly depicts Drake's home with markers labeling it as a sexual predator's mansion, showcasing Lamar's craftiness in this rivalry. While Lamar's previous tracks were known for their hard-hitting lyrics, "Not Like Us" introduces a West Coast bounce, demonstrating Lamar's versatility in creating potential hit diss tracks. The track has garnered attention from DJ Hed, Rick Ross, and Mustard, who have been playing it at parties, while social media is flooded with dance videos set to this infectious tune.